• The trust has various strategies to fulfill it’s task, like every month meeting of physiotherapist, parents of children with cerebral palsy, so that direct communication between their social, mental and physical disability can be properly assessed and discussed and majors for their uplifting can be charted out.
  • Trust has also planned 3 monthly meetings that can have camps, workshops for therapists, and consultants of various fields along with public awareness programme
  • Trust has also planned free Assessment camps cum awareness programme & workshops for therapists with the association of various organisation in various part of country
  • Trust has also planned to have mega activity like organization of CME, Workshop or National Conference once in a every year along with annual function. Other activities will include cerebral palsy fair, spastic children sports activities and their art exhibition etc.
  • Training of therapist coming from various district headquarter and establishment of rehab center under trained therapist and local NGOs at district headquarter of different states of india
  • Regular CME for medical practitioner and therapist at different district headquarter
Cerebral Palsy Strategies
9 year old child of meningo mylocoele treated by surgery and rehabilitation Waiting Hall of rehab center