There are best cerebral palsy treatment facilities given below which provide by the Samvedna Trust.

  • Therapy center open from 9 am to 4 pm (Sunday closed)

  • Center equipped with all modern gadget for therapy in children with disability.

  • Availability of advance therapeutic technique in cerebral palsy like Neuro- developmental therapy, Sensory Integration, strength training exercises, gait training, balancing exercise & Speech therapy Special education and psychological counselling along with intervention modality like Botulinum toxin ,inhibitory plaster application,deformity corrective surgery & Single event multilevel surgery by OSSCS concept with some new modification(SEMLOSSS), .

  • Treatment of children suffering with various kind of physical disability like cerebral palsy, meningo-myelocoel, Down syndrome, AMC , muscular dystrophy and polio myelitis

  • Treatment by fifteen trained developmental therapist.

  • Complete evaluation of all children suffering with any kind of physical disability and planning of management strategy by team of medical experts .

  • Every Saturday there is clinic for new patient and review of old children in which each children being properly evaluated by team of therapist and specialist.

  • Every Second Saturday, there is parents interaction programme along with grand checkup of all children.

  • CP Home for short term stay arrangement for parents along with children coming from different state for complete rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy. This CP Home has in house facility of comprehensive therapy program along with therapy at world class rehab center of samvedna . parents are also being trained for their child home based programme so that they can carry out therapy and their ADL at their own places.
  • Transport facility by van
  • Training of young budding therapist in advance developmental therapy programme of pediatric physical disability
cerebral palsy treatment facilities cerebral palsy treatment facilities