Samvedna trust pleasure to announce a Workshop on “Advance Rehab Technology for cerebral palsy children“ on  16th November 2014, Sunday for therapist working / interested in advance training in cerebral palsy management. we will discuss all important problem & their solution by advance rehab technique including therapy & other intervention modality. we also invite people who wanted to share their experiences on this platform. for more information you can contact mr alok singh on 09453039213 or mail us at mail add

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Annual function of samvedna & National symposium on 17th Nov 2013 at Allahabad – we have organize National symposium on parent’s perspectives on the current social & medical issue in the children with cerebral palsy” on Sunday, November 17, 2013 in Allahabad. parents took direct participation in the discussion on current scenario on problem faced by cerebral palsy children with cerebral palsy and their remedies. 300 Parents from different parts of India have participated in this symposium. This meeting gave us lots of new guideline that will boos up our moto to fight for this difficult problem in life of few of our special children. The inaugural ceremony and annual function of Samvedna was organized on the same day in evening , in which children, parents, social worker & therapist were felicitated for their contribution and dedication for this noble work.

cerebral Palsy cerebral Palsy cerebral Palsy


Celebration of National C P Day 3rd Oct 2013 at MNNIT, Allahabad- This year we celebrate national cerebral palsy day by organizing sport activity, painting, and sculpture making by children with Samvedna at MNNIT sport ground. Crawl race, crutch race, through ball, carom, and arm wrestling was the main sport activity. Lots of unamazing painting and sculpture was made by children of Samvedna. All winners were felicitated by medals. Whole programme was conducted by Dr Varidmala Jain. All sport activity was beautifully conducted by Dr Deep Chan, two coaches from Ranchi Mr. Sunil and amitabh kunal, and Dr. S P Verma, Sport officer of MNNIT. In the evening documentary on Samvedna was displayed along with moment of laugh with jay Chhaniyara. Dr j k Jain speaks on the social issue and current scenario of cerebral palsy children in India.

cerebral Palsy cerebral Palsy cerebral Palsy
cerebral Palsy cerebral Palsy cerebral Palsy


Nat. Symposia on problem solving approach in mx of cerebral palsy on 18th Oct 2012 –  This year, Samvedna trust organizes a workshop on problem solving approach in mx of cerebral palsy. More than 100 therapists from all corner of India have participated in this workshop. Dr J K Jain speaks on introduction of cerebral palsy, assessment and approach in management of cerebral palsy along with approaches in difficult situation. Then Dr Varidmala Jain speaks on neonatal management in high risk children. Dr Kadeer, Dr Vinai Shrivastava, Dr Deep Chand, Dr Amit Pandey demonstrate different therapeutic technique in children with cerebral palsy. Dr Md Alim speaks on braces in cerebral palsy. In the evening, commissioner of Allahabad Shree Devesh Chaturvedi inaugurated this workshop and annual function of Samvedna. Dr J V Rai has welcomed the entire guest and Mr. Alok Singh has given thanks to all the guest and volunteer. Dr J K Jain presents the report of Samvedna. This year best therapist award was given to Dr Sanjai Dwvedi, Best Junior therapist award to Dr Rajkumar Singh. Best children award was given to Vanshika from Chennai, Ritika Singh from Pratapgarh. Best parent’s awards were given to Deepak & Heena Chhaniyara, Parents of Jai Chhaniyara, and Kusum Singh from Allahabad, and Anish Maishi from Gorakhpur. Best child award in the field of education was given to Yashi Singh from Gorakhpur and Simaran from Allahabad. Social person from different places has also felicitated, who has promote the cause of Samvedna by organizing the camps and CME in various places of India.

Inclusive education for Cerebral Palsy children is the need of the time: A message on the Nat. CP day on 3rd Oct 2012—  Samvedna trust & District Disability welfare department jointly organized Cerebral Palsy day Celebrations in which parents of CP children with their children took part with full enthusiasm and rigor. On this occasion cp fair along with symposia on role of education in cerebral palsy children for school authority were organized. Various games were organized for the cerebral palsy children in the fair and the winner children received prizes as well. The programme was inaugurated by Hon’ble Justice of Allahabad High Court Mr. Amar Saran. While addressing the gathering Justice Saran emphasized that it is very important for these children to become self dependent for their overall development. He said that we all should work together to bring these children to the main stream of the society. The special guest on the occasion Dr. Nitin Bansal, Chief Development Officer of Allahabad said that the programme organized by joint effort of District Disability welfare Department and Samvedna trust will go a long way in creating awareness regarding this complex problem. He also promised to help Samvedna by administration in all its future endeavors. The programme was presided over by Dean J.V.V.Chitrakoot, Dr. Awnish Chandra Mishra. Dr Mishra told about active role of Samvedna in creating awareness about CP. President of Samvedna Dr. J.V. Rai told about progress and problems faced by Samvedna and Secretary Dr. J.K. Jain made the guests aware about problem of Cerebral Palsy in India. He also said that now this condition is not untreatable. Today because of latest techniques like NDT, SI and new surgical technique like OSSCS it has become easier to make these children independent. Dr Qadeer explains about importance of barrier environment at school, public places and home.     One parent of a CP child Dr. Anita from Barely told that she made all the efforts for her child but she could never believe to have a center like Samvedna in north India. She became hopeless before coming to Samvedna even consulting to center in countries like US and UK. But the work dedication and the result seen at Samvedna are unmatchable. She told that she wasted 24 years of life of her son in search of the write treatment for her  child but in the end she got treatment at Samvedna and within 3 months of treatment he started standing with support, she also hope that her son shall be walking in next 3 months. in charge of Special education cell of IGNOU, New Delhi Dr. Amitabh Mishra explained the role of education and job opportunity in overall development of these children. It is necessary for these children to study in normal schools for their development. Special guest and PrincipalMLNMedicalCollege, Allahabad Dr. S.P. Singh said that the enthusiasm of these children indicates towards their zeal to have a better future. Vote of thanks was given by Mr. Alok Singh coordinator of Samvedna Trust. The programme was conducted by Dr. Varidmala Jain. More than 500 Representatives from schools, IT teachers, NGOs & children along with their parents were present at this occasion and had an idea these children.

Report of National Symposium on Parental Guideline for Cerebral Palsy Children on November 27, 2011-   A national symposium on parental guideline for cerebral palsy children was organized by Samvedna trust on November 27, 2011, in Prayag Sangeet Samiti. Around 500 parents participated in this symposium. This symposium was special in the way that along with CP experts, parents also shared their experiences. First session started with the lecture of Dr. Amitabh Mishra from MG Rai Ruhelkhand University, at 9 a.m. He told about role and opportunities of education fore cerebral palsy children. Senior pediatrician Dr. J.V. rai emphasized, need of treatment and care in associated medical problems in cerebral palsy children like convulsion, infection, week bones, cough & cold etc. He also informed that no medicine is needed to cure physical disability. Senior pediatric orthopedic surgeon Dr. J.K. Jain told that if timely rehabilitation is not done in children with cerebral palsy then their problems increase with aging and the earlier ambulatory child can become nonwalker at this time. This session was chaired by senior pediatrician Dr. Yugantar Pandey and Dr. Deepak Agrawal. Second session started with the lecture of Dr. Varidmala Jain, assistant Prof. in Public Health from SHIATS, Deemed-to-be University, Allahabad. She told in detail about the problems coming in activities of daily living in children with CP and methods to solve these problems. Dr. Sanjay Kumar from Delhi highlighted the need of speech therapy in CP Children. Mr. Gulab Singh told about the methods of speech therapy at home. Dr. Md. Qadeer told about methods and importance of physical therapy in home based programme. This session was chaired by pediatricians Dr. S.K. Singh and president of U.P.IMA,Dr.B.B.Agrawal. After lunch third session was started with lectures of the parents in the afternoon at 1:30 p.m. Parents shared their experiences regarding success and struggle of their children. The session started with the lecture of Mr. Deepak Chhaniyara, father of famous comedy artist Mr. Jay Chhaniyara. He told about the mystery behind Jay’s success.mother of Mr. Vasant Deodhar who is working as programme officer in Akashvani Allahabad, told that how Mr. vasant has reached up to this level. DR. B.K. Jha, Mr. Pramil Dwivedi and Ms. Deepika Messiah also shared their experiences about their children with parents. At the end of session their was a discussion among parents and experts regarding problems of their children. The session was chaired by pediatricians Dr. Archana Srivsatav and Dr. Ajay Gopal.

Formal inauguration of this symposium and annual function of Samvedna Trust was held in the evening. The function started with lighting of the lamp by guests on the dais. Hon’ble Justice Mr. Rajaram Yadav Ji, was the chief guest on the occasion. He appealed to the audience that the noble cause and work of trust Samvedna needs to be advertised everywhere, so that maximum number of people can be benefited from this.  Guest of Honour Dr. K.P. Mishra , the V.C. of Nehru Gram Bharati University promised about every type of cooperation from the university , he also told about all the avenues from where the trust can get help in its development. Guest of honour registrar of Chitrakoot Viklang Vishwavidhalay Dr. A.C. Mishra, expressed the wish of participation of university in the work done by Samvedna. President of Prayag Sangeet Samiti Dr. Milan Mukherjee presented memento of the Samiti to Samvedna trust. He also announced that children of Samvedna shall be given the training of classical music & dance in half rate. The best senior physiotherapist award was given to Mr. Shashi mani Gautam and Best junior physiotherapist award was given to Mr. Yogesh. Best child award was given to Roshan and saumya  and best  family support was given father of Shikhar Mr.Amresh Singh  whereas  to parent award was given to mother of Shivam Gupta Mrs. Lilavati. After this Dr. Milan Mukherjee, Mr. manvendra Singh Sanjay and Mr. Vasant Deodhar were felicitated with shawl by Dr. J.V. Rai, Dr. J.K. Jain and Hon’ble Justice Mr. Rajaram Yadavji respectively for their selfless contribution to Samvedna for so many years.

Trust president Dr. J.V. Rai welcomed the audience whereas Secretary Dr. J.K. Jain presented the five year report of the trust. Executive officer of the trust Mr. Alok Singh gave vote of thanks.           In the cultural programme held the children of the trust has proved that nothing is impossible if you have will power to do it. Hanu, Golu, sumya, vashnavi presented it. ‘Nand Ke Anad Bhayo’ by students of Mrs. Sneh left the audience spellbound.  Famous comedy artist master jay Chhaniyara forced everyone to hold their tummy by his comedy. The dance presented by children under the Guidence of Mrs. Sneh Jyoti Kirti overwhelmed the audience. Older children presented skit ‘Talaash’ in which roles were played by Nitin(gangaprasad) , Gunwanti(Divyansh), Shivam Pandey (Suryakant Bhaiya), Deepak Messih ( Amarsingh Rathor), Akshat (Janaki or Ms. Rathor) and Ankit (Jagadish), and Shivam Rai (raghunath Singh). Master Uddeshya Singh presented songs made in India, ‘Itni Shakti Hamen Dena data’ and ‘Chalte chalte’ on synthesizer. The whole programme was conducted beautifully by Dr. Varidmala Jain. Senor reporter Mr. Ramashankar Srivatava, Mr. Dinesh Dubey, Dr. Vinay, Dr. Amit, Dr. Sanjay, Dr. Yogesh, Dr, Kamlesh, Dr. Wase, Dr. Shashi, Dr. Deepchandra, Dr. Raj, Dr. Ved,  Vaibhav, Kamlesh, Anoop, Kailash  etc. were present and participated enthusiastically on the occasion.

Ist Nat Symposium for Parental Guideline in Children with Cerebral Palsy organized by Samvedna on 27th Nov. 2012, at Prayag Sangeet Samiti, Civil line, Allahabad

Dr Jain presenting annual report of trust during annual function of samvedna Cerebral Palsy guidelin
Dr Jain presenting annual report Dr Varidmala speaking on ADL
Cerebral Palsy Successful Stories cerebral palsy Treatment by samvedna Trust
Chief guest justice Mr.Raja Ram Yadav felicitating
Mr Deodhar for his sucessful life with cerebral palsy
Dr Milan Mukherji president of prayag sangeet samiti presenting
momento for excellent work for social cause to samvedna Trust
dr J K jain speaking on aging with cerebral palsy Mr deepaj chhaniyara speaking on struggle success of Jay chhaniyara with cerebral palsy
dr jain speaking on aging with CP Mr deepak chhaniyara speaking
cerebral palsy affected children of Samvedna presenting skit on Talash
Team of Samvedna with Jay Chhaniyara children of Samvedna presnting skit on Talash
cultural programme presented by CP affected children of samvedna along with team of Suruchi Nritya Kala Kendra team of expert and parents of cerebral palsy children as speaker
cultural programme presented by children of
samvedna along with team of Suruchi Nritya Kala kendra
Dr. J.V.Rai with team of expert and parents speaker
Cerebral Palsy Treatment
Parents asking quest. with faculty delegates during lunch hour
Cerebral Palsy Treatment Mr Akhilesh Kumar suffering with Cerebral palsy sharing experience of his life
Mr Jay Chhaniyara presenting moment of laghetr during cultural programme Mr Akhilesh Kumar suffering with CP sharing experience of his life


CME cum Workshop on Rehabilitation of children with Cerebral Palsy at Physiocon 2011 at Kanpur on 24th Sept.2011

.   Dr J K Jain during Physiocon 2011 at KanpurLighting Of Lamp By Dr J K Jain During Physiocon & workshop on cerebral palsy At Kanpur

  Lighting Of Lamp By Dr J K Jain                 Dr J K Jain during Physiocon 2011 at Kanpur


Report of CP Day celebration by Samvedna on 3rd Oct. 2011

On the occasion of CP Day, a parents & media awareness program was organized in the main building of Samvedna Trust Rehab Center. Parents of children with cerebral palsy, media Personnel and social persons participated on this occasion. Chief Guest was Hon’ble cabinet minister U.P. Mr. Sub hash Pandey, Guest Of honour Mr. Rattan Dixit, President UP Journalism association and Hon’ble MLA Mr. Anugrah Narayan Singh presided the meeting. Dr J K Jain, secretary of Samvedna told about latest technique in management of cerebral palsy used in the trust and emphasized role of parents in overall management of children with cerebral palsy.

Report of Nat. Conf. on Cerebral Palsy (CPCON 2010) at Allahabad on 4th-5th Dec 2010- National Cerebral Palsy Conference was organized on 4-5th December 2010 at Allahabad. It was organized by Samvedna Trust and Trishla orthopedic Clinic & RehabCenter. On the morning of 4th December workshops on NDT and SI were organized. The resource person of NDT workshop was Dr. Snehal Deshpandey from Mumbai and of SI workshop was Dr Karthik Rio from Chennai. At the same time parents forum was also organized. The chairman of the forum was Dr. A.K. Purohit, HOD Dept. of neurosurgery, NIJAM Institute Hyderabad. He along with other faculty members answered the queries of parents. In the conference 16 faculties and approximately 400 delegates participated from all over India. The participants included Orthopedicians, pediatricians, Physiotherapists, social workers, Parents of CP affected children and all those who are concerned with problem or management of Cerebral palsy. On the evening of 4th December Inaugural ceremony and cultural programme was organized. Justice of the High Court Allahabad Honorable Mr. Ravindra Singh was the chief guest on the occasion. Famous MLA of Allahabad Mr. Anugrah Narayan Singh was also present as guest of honor. In the cultural programme master Jai Chhaniyara, the famous TV artist affected with cerebral palsy (great India laughter challenge participatant) enlightens the audience with his comedy. Children of Samvedna trust also presented a musical dance sequence. The audiences were overwhelmed by the Kathak dance of Ms. Surabhi. All these CP affected children forced the unexpected gathering of more than twelve hundred in the famous Mehta Auditorium of Prayag Sangeet Samiti, Allahabad to think about them seriously. Conference proceeding was continued on second day. Most of the relevant topic in holistic management of cerebral palsy was covered in two days conference. At the end of the conference a quiz competition was also organized for the participants and awards were distributed in closing function by Dr. JV Rai.  The main achievement of the conference was that it became first conference which was able to not only draw the attention of so many persons of the different sections of the society in northern India but also active involvement and cooperation from many of them.  Under the guidance of Dr. J.K. Jain, team of Samvedna & social worker of Allahabad  gave this conference a grand success.

release_of_souvenior Cerebral Palsy Treatment
Release of souvenir Parents symposium
.workshop_on_NDT_by_Dr_snehal_despandey workshop_on_Si_By_dr_karthik
Workshop on NDT workshop on SI


Samvedna Trust Annual Function – 2014