Integrated Approach for Cerebral Palsy Treatment

Concept of integrated approach for cerebral palsy is to use all available proven modality of  treatment in a combination so that child get good functional outcome along with prevention of  deformity and contracture and if it happen then it should be managed by required intervention. at earliest . It include different modality of therapeutic intervention, Braces, botulinum toxin and surgical intervention.  Cerebral palsy needs multidisciplinary approach.

Priorities of the Child with Cerebral Palsy:

  1. Communication
  2.  Activities of daily living
  3. Mobility in the community
  4. Ambulation

Poor prognostic value:

  1. Moderate to sever mental retardation
  2. Abnormal behavioral pattern
  3. Athetotic and hypotonic cerebral palsy
  4. Quadriplegic with sever contracture in early age
  5. Absent neck holding after 20 month age
  6. Absent Sitting after 4 year of age
  7. Walking capability after 8 year
  8. Persistent Moro, neck righting reflexes
  9. Strong extensor thrust on vertical suspension
  10. Absent parachute reaction after 11 month

Criteria for Cerebral Palsy Treatment Modality

1. Age

2. Developmental mile stones

3. Degree of contracture and deformity

4. Sensory and propioceptive problems

5. Degree of Spasticity