Cerebral Palsy Etiology

Any insult of brain from prenatal period to 2.5 year postnatal period can cause cerebral palsy. Important Prenatal causes are intrauterine infection, toxemia , toxic drugs, multiple pregnancy, placental insufficiency & genetics disturbance in fetus . Perinatal causes (during and just after delivery ) are Prematurity, low birth Weight, neonatal asphyxia, kernicterus, septicemia, respiratory distress syndrome, obstructed labour . Post natal causes (After birth )– head injury , infection .But despite of best effort some time exact causes of insult can not be defined . now days it is being considered that some genetic causes predispose infant brain for insult leading to manifestation of cerebral palsy etiology .

case of Diplegic spastic cerebral palsy treated by SEMLS by OSSCS Concept