Cerebral palsy can be identified at very early stage by an awareness of risk factors, regular developmental screening of all high risk babies, thorough neurological examination , delayed developmental milestone . With early identification & early intervention programme , more than 80% children can be given good quality of life . Cerebral palsy early identification can be suspected on following written feature.

History of:

•  Premature birth, Difficult delivery, Asphyxia, Septicemia , Jaundice

•  Delayed motor mile stones like poor head control, inability to sit and stand

•  Asymmetry in functional use of extremities.

•  Difficulty in feeding and drooping of saliva

•  Abnormally increase or decrease in tone.

•  Involuntary movement.

•  Abnormal persistence of primitive reflexes.

Associated problems like mental retardation & speech problem, hearing loss, squint and seizure