Cerebral Palsy Treatment

we dont have any cure for cerebral palsy as Brain damage can not be repaired !however, a proper cerebral palsy treatment can enhance the capabilities of a child.
Our aim of management is to rehabilitate the child to their maximum ability & diminish their disability & impairment by all means.Goal is to allow the individual live with least impact of disability. Even small degrees of improvement makes a great difference. Getting a child to walk, be it in crutches, in braces or with a walker, is much better than having him in a wheelchair.With Early intervention more than 8o% children can be given fully acceptable life in society . Quality of life & survival in CP child with Ambulatory capability with or without walking aid is roughly equal to normal population
More than 70% children with mild to moderate affection have nearly normal IQ. they Can be active, productive members of their communities.they Can have jobs, live independently, marry, have children & retire. These childrens & adult can also excel in all the activity given to them. Developmental Physiotherapy along with judicious use of light wt polypropylene brace & walking aid is the mainstay of cerebral palsy treatment. NDT, SI, TRP, MRP, CIMT, Context therapy, Strength training, Mirror therapy, FES, Hydrotherapy, Horse riding etc are few example of therapeutic technique. use of oral drugs are limited to control of seizure, other medical problem but most of them are not much helpful in controlling spasticity and getting physical improvement. most of the spastic children are going to develop contracture & fixed deformity after achieving certain milestone so at some time in early life they need good intervention modality to prevent further deterioration. without intervention they are going to deteriorate at very fast speed. at that age they need intervention of good quality, which should have selective control of spasticity and management of fixed contracture without any negative effect on already weakened muscle and posture balance. Cerebral Palsy surgery treatment is used to formulate to treat anatomical abnormalities like bony torsion and release of tight muscles. botulinum toxin in early age children with spasticity is very helpful in getting control on spasticity without causing further weakness. it is being given in all affected spastic muscle. but when the child develop contracture and fixed deformity this is not so much helpful then they need orthopedic surgical intervention but routine orthopedic surgical intervention is not so much useful and even some time they cause harm in the child . these children and adult require advance farm of surgical intervention in the form of surgery ie. SEMLOSSS. Results of SEMLOSSS is matchless compare to other surgical technique and in last 8 year more than 500 children and adult who have undergone cerebral palsy treatment by concept of SEMLOSSS got excellent recovery . we have to continue physiotherapy for long duration till the maturity. Yoga, regular exercise, sufficient intake of calcium & vit D and weight maintenance , walking with or without support have long term impact on quality of life in person affected with cerebral palsy

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