Samvedna is a non profitable, charitable trust & it is mend for betterment of children with various kind of disability specially cerebral palsy . Cerebral Palsy epidemiology is also a type of CP. This trust is coming into action from 19th march 2006. The office of trust is situated in civil line, Allahabad. 19 therapists, 2 special educator, 2 speech therapist, 1 Orthotic Engineer and 5 more office staff is working hard to get best result in cerebral palsy affected children along with other physical disability . The trust right now consists of an office, consultation chamber , a fully equipped rehabilitation center along with center for special education , Special Room for Sensory Integration, Neuro-developmental therapy & speech therapy . One CP Home and transport van has been added in 2011 to solve the problem of stay & transport of parents at Allahabad. Trust functioning is fully dependent on donation .
Cerebral palsy treatment at Samvedna Trust
Documentary on samvedna made during visit to samvedna by one volunteer in 2010 Team of Samvedna